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The following is a guide to ARMS Fighters. It will detail each of the playable characters in ARMS and includes background information, stats, and more.

ARMS Fighters

Spring Man

Spring Man is a standard fighter and the game's iconic head liner. He gets stronger with lower health.

Ribbon Girl

Ribbon Girl features ribbon-like arms and can jump multiple times in the air among other abilities.


Ninjara is a ninja inspired fighter that can move very quickly and become temporarily invisible.

Master Mummy

Master Mummy is a large fighter featuring a mummy-like appearance. He can tank weaker attacks and regain hp when he is defending.


Mechanica is a fighter contained in a mechanical suit. She can float in the air for a while and has increased defense and durability.

Min Min

Min Min is a fighter inspired by a martial artist. She has a powerful spin kick that can be used for both offense and defense.

Kid Cobra

Kid Cobra is a movement-based fighter than can quickly dash around attacks to avoid them.


Helix is a fighter inspired by a DNA strand. His flexible body makes him harder to hit.

Byte and Barq

Byte and Barq is a fighter that features both a dog and its owner. Barq, the dog, can be used as a distraction for opponents.


Twintelle is a fighter that uses her hair to fight opponents. She has the ability to slow down an enemy.

Max Brass

Max Brass is the final boss in the single player grand prix mode. As of a recent update, he is also a macho playable fighter.

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